Volcano E Liquid Review

Volcano E Liquid Review

Volcano e Cigs is one of the fastest growing brands out there right now. They stormed onto the e cigarette scene with FOUR different kits that each had a different type of e cig inside of it. For example, they have the supercharged Inferno Starter Kit that comes with a massive 510 battery (over 1,000 mAH) and can be used equally well with a tank or drip-tip set-up. This sort of variety throughout kits is not that common in this market, most brands will either sell 2-piece kr808d minis or  510 3 piece battery-heavy  e-cigarettes. It’s a difficult task to walk the marketing line between beginning e-Smokers and tank-savvy veterans. It’s almost impossible to offer both models without having the integral product that ties it all together: e-Liquids.


And Volcano E-Cigs has a powerful lineup of e-Liquids to satisfy both types of smokers that shop at their store, so I’m going to hazard a guess that they’ll be an even bigger company in years to come. Joining the growing market of American-made e-Liquid suppliers, Volcano also adds a little Luau flare to the mix as well; they’re production facility is in lovely Honolulu, Hawaii. Like all e-Liquid produced in America, Volcano’s V-Liquid adheres to the strict FDA code concerning propylene glycol purity guidelines among others.

The Basic Options


 Volcano has an above-average collection of 24 different flavors, all listed on their website if you want to see them. Each flavor can be purchased in 15mL or 30mL amounts, as well as in four different nicotine strengths that range from 0mg to 24mg.


Here are there flavor options listed on their online storefront:


ñ Hula Punch

ñ Aloha Apple

ñ Bluewater Punch

ñ Bonzai Banana

ñ Cherry Lava

ñ Choconilla Haze

ñ Coocoo Coconut

ñ Cotton Candy

ñ Grape Escape

ñ Hawaiian Espresso

ñ Jungle Fruit

ñ Kona Coffee

ñ Mauna Dew

ñ Menthol

ñ Menthol Burst

ñ Milk Chocolate

ñ V-Liquid Paradise

ñ Pineapple Punch

ñ Pipeline Peach

ñ Red Hot Lava

ñ Red Wings

ñ RY-Four

ñ Shaka Strawberry

ñ Surfer Soda

ñ Sweet Tart

ñ Tobacco

ñ Tobacco Pure

ñ Vanilla Bean

ñ Waikiki Watermelon




Volcano has a pretty nice pricing scheme; it definitely is suited well for big orders and large bottles. The 30 mL bottles are $19.99, only $7 more than the 15 mL bottles that run at the slightly high price of $12.99. Their offer of free shipping on orders over $50 also makes it easier for V-Liquid lovers and budget-watchers to stock up big for months. You can see this by comparing overall price difference between a single order of 3 30 mL bottles and spread out orders of 6 15 mL bottles. With the added shipping and $12.99 price per order, 6 15 mL bottles would run you $108. That same 90 mL of V-Juice in a single order would run you $60. Talk about price effectiveness, that’s $48 and almost enough to order that same amount again.


Flavor Quality and Taste


I sampled a few different flavors: V-Liquid: Tobacco Pure, RY4, BlueWater Punch and Choconilla Haze. I know that a brand has good flavors when I can take a drag and immediately recognize the flavor without having to check the bottle again to make sure. These selections had some zip!


We have to start with Bluewater Punch; I took a puff and it was curiously strong. It totally avoided that common “moldy, stale air” taste that you find in some of the nastier cartomizer flavors. Not only was it fruity and peppy, but it had a respectable throat hit for a non-tobacco/menthol flavor. The other 3 were also really nice e-Liquids compared to some other similar ones I’ve tried. Some other popular flavors according to various reviewers online are: Menthol, Surfer Soda and Milk Chocolate. I’m not a big menthol fan – always preferred those reds when I used to smoke- but apparently their new Menthol Burst flavor is really popular; menthol junkies were raving about it on Volcano’s forum.


Vapor: Throat Hit and Smoothness


All of the four flavors I reviewed had really nice throat hits; it was like how it used to feel when I had my first cigarette in a week and it just hits your lungs with that loving impact. You know what I’m talking about.


In terms of smoothness, I thought these flavors were of exceptional quality. Sometimes I’ll use an e-Liquid and for a while after inhaling, my throat will feel a bit weird and unhealthy in a way. A lot of the American standards have helped reverse this trend, and Volcano was no exception. It was like the difference between drinking salt-water and drinking ice-water.



So I guess the best way to sum up this review is to tell you whether I filled out another order for the Volcano V-Liquids after I sampled them. The answer is yes. I really enjoyed them, especially the awesome flavors and cool Hawaiian names they used for them. I recommend them to both the beginning smoker who wants to take a whack at e-Liquid filling and the veteran smoker who just wants that premium e-Liquid fast.









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